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Paulette is married 30 years to Keith and has six children from 27 to 11.  She loves being a mom and wife.  Paulette loves to share with people and ilovewhatido media has been the long passion of her business pursuits.

I love what I do is all about freeing businesses and ministries to pursue the things you love to do.  Our Social Media services allow you to let us set-up, manage, and promote your business over the big 3 social networks.  Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Each has a different demographic. We work to integrate your business to showcase and drive traffic over the various networks.

Paulette L. McKenzie

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Natural born leader. trainer and motivator. Energetic and passionate with strong interpersonal skills.  Strong leadership and interaction skills. Passionate about contributing meaningfully to people’s lives. A team player.


Creative( Trainer) Apple. Inc. Natick, Massachusetts2007-2008

As a Mac Specialist I was core of the customers experience . My job entailed translating “techno-speak” into layman’s terms, inspire a whole new generation of Apple addicts and to provide a sales solution for every customer.

As a Concierge, verbally embrace the customer with a five-star welcome and a fond farewell. Orchestrate the store adventure, understand the customers needs and connects them to the right person at the right time while providing every customer with superior customer experience.

As a Creative,I provided one-on-one training as an expert in Apple’s pro and customer applications. Provided one-on-one training, adjusting your teaching style and pace to meet the needs of the individual.  Conducted presentations and workshops.

Director, Creative Memories, St. Cloud, Minnesota                                                                       1997-2007 Taught people to preserve the past, enrich the present and inspiring hope for the future with their photo’s. This was done with a one to one teaching strategy and with group presentations. My experience of managing,mentoring, training and motivating 200+ women to operate their own Creative Memories business.  My duties included all aspects of maximizing a business. I developed training events which I conducted to maximize support to promote encouragement to my teams several times a year.  We generated yearly sales of over a half a million.     Highly motivated and achiever, I earned the yearly performance based travel incentive trips for both me and my husband. obtained recognition for being a top recruiter and sales consultant. Ranked consistently in the top 1% of the company.

Owner/Operator/Director, Paulette’s Playskool, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts                               1990-2001

Hiring, training and supervision all of staff in the daycare.  Developing schedules, lessons plans,planning outings and field trips and obtaining consent for special activities from parents. Discussing and addressing parent and staff concerns as they occur. Advertising, marketing, billing and handling all accounts receivable and payable accounts or hiring staff to deal with these issues. Obtaining all required licenses and certifications and keeping them current as required. Maintain a healthy and nurturing environment for the children.

Unit Organizer, Princess House Corporation, North Dighton, Massachusetts                             1989-1990

As a member of their team provided life-enhancing opportunities to people I was privileged to work with. Responsibilities entailed training, motivating and supporting a team of 40-100 women.  Hosting weekly meetings and scheduling and implementing a consistent schedule of home parties abled me to gain rank of top 10% of the company. Achieved the yearly performance base incentive travel trips with my husband. Qualifications included both personal and group success in sales and recruiting.

SUNY Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, New York

Date of Graduation; May 1987

BS in Major: Communications  Major: Mass Media

Computer Competency

Both Mac OS X; and Windows


University of New York, Plattsburgh— BS Communications, 1987


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