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Do you have a Social Network need?  No website, no problem. Need Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube set up for you. We can do it!   ilovewhatido is a social networking service that maximizes clients visibility by using and integrating the Big 3 networks with your site.

Turnkey websites of 5 pages to get you started.  Or we will do the work, all of it!

Website & Design with the Big 3 Social Media Services all linked good to go.

Create a professional presence on multiple sites

Establish a presence on the “Big 3” of social media: Facebook (1.39Billion people), YouTube (Over 1Billion Users a day) people, younger demographic than Facebook) and Twitter (310M people, older demographic than Facebook). (Source) Don’t forget YouTube!  It has the 2nd largest search engine in the world and may pass google in the near future.  We can do custom video to use with your site.  Pinterest is NOW the Second largest Social Media activity!
We can do it!
Don’t need all that we can custom a program for you based on your need.  Mix and match the services listed below to meet your needs.  We want to take your business from the caterpillar stage and transform your visibility to a beautiful butterfly.

Social Media Services: We can do it!

Website-Domain with 5 pages setup
Hosting sites
Video uploads with your video By 2019 80% of ALL Consumer Content will be VIDEO!
Publish podcast with your audio to your site
Editing video for promo’s and shows
Facebook setup setup
Facebook and (Fanpage for business) setup
Pinterest Setup
Twitter setup
YouTube setup
Instagram setup
Vine setup
Yelp TripAdvisor & Peer Review Site setups
Linkedin and others at your request are additional accounts

Managing all of this stuff takes TIME.

We offer services that we monitor and manage all of your social networks keeping you out there with updates, tweets and posts.  Anyone who has done this knows it takes time to read your comments and post content.  Various monthly packages below.

Social Media Management Packages

Snack size.  1.5 hours a month 1 hour a week and 10 min.  a few posts a week keeps the activity level moving daily during business week. Small business expansion.

Budget size. 4 hours a month 1 hour a week and a few posts a day keeps the activity level moving daily during business week.  Small business expansion.  We reach out and interact with like minded people in your community.

Sample platter. 12 hours a month 3 hours a week keeps you in the loop helping of social networking.   Want to grow your visibility.  Create events, proactively engage, like comment share as your brand grows.

Biggie Size. 20 hours a month 5 hours a week 1 hour a day is a hardy helping of social networking.   For business’s of all sizes.

All that and a bag of Chips. Your open where open hours a month acting a your official Facebook representative for all marketing aspects of Facebook.   Ad Creation, Reports, and much more!  For BIG business.

Contact Paulette or Keith for pricing on all services.Keith & Paulette McKenzie ilovewhatido Media

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