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Today’s online digital marketing landscape is very competitive.  Today we will look at one of our best solutions for competing with other online businesses.  It’s Image SEO and how this one step that so many big businesses still are not doing yet.  In a nutshell, we lighten the overall weight of images by optimizing the images to improve server response times.  DIY or Done for you!

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Image SEO Checklist

Here’s everything we’re going to cover. Click on the link to be taken to that specific section.

Composing Your Image
Use original images
Remove text from images
Remove useless images
Convert galleries to single images

Preparing an Image
Use a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio
Scale your images to the exact dimensions you need
Use high-definition Retina images
Use next-gen formats
Compress your images
Use descriptive titles

Serving the Image
Enable Browser Caching
Use a CDN
Enable Lazy loading
Double check that you’re using Responsive Images

Identifying the Image
Fill Out the Alt Text
Use a caption
Use your keywords in the text surrounding your image
Use your keywords in the page URL, meta description and throughout your page

Extra Credit
Create an image sitemap
Use Social Media tags
Use Structured Data

Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin

Complet Guide to Image Optization, WPMU DEV

Image Alt Tags

Today, we’re going to talk about image alt text optimization (or image alt tag optimization, what some would call “image SEO”). This is the process of optimizing all your images so that search engines understand them (as well as to help people with accessibility issues understand what the images are about). In this video, I’ll go through the exact step-by-step process and best practices that you need to follow when optimizing all of your images in an SEO-friendly way that’s also helpful for users. Ready to go? Then watch today’s video by Tommy Griffith.


ilovewhatido Media Local Search Specialists

Google My Business

Finding and claiming your Google Listing and Optimizing for all your products or services.

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Link Building

Link building is more about earning link equity from a great site with great products and services.

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Fast Hosting

Our NUMBER ONE actionable tip to move up quickly is fast reliable NGIX cached at the servers.

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Mobile First

Most of our site analytics confirm over 60% to 70% is via  Google Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-Friendly Test

SEO Strategy

We build sites with the end user in mind by what they are looking for and knowing what works today.

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Information architecture

Building a site that Search Engines can easily index needs proper URL,  XML sitemaps & robots txt.

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Content Strategy

What goes into a site is akin to baking great food, being precise in text to image ratios and video.

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Service & Product Reviews

Local Companies thrive or die on Peer Review Sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

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Tweaking The Code

Our software helps combine Java Scripts, CSS files to reduce server response times.

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We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Coming soon we are working on a daily email 101 SEO Tips and a video “How we do it” class that will take you from purchasing your domain, hosting, software, tools, plugins and our process that nets results over and over again.  Did we mention coming soon in 2020.

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