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We can do it!  Did you know that up 80% of the people looking for a Church in your area will use an internet search!  Gone are the days of Newspaper ads, Yellow Pages & post cards.  With just some specific information from you about the who, what, where, when, & why’s we can tailor a website to your budget that people will find.  We are Christians and it is in our heart to help Churches get off the ground.

Do you know that there is a way to maximize your presence on the Internet so that it becomes a very useful tool for reaching new people who have not visited your church yet?

Today there is someone looking for a church in your city.  The chance of them beginning their search on the internet is a very high 80%.  We will call this “someone” Family A.  Family A will type a search for a church in your area using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing.  More than likely, they will search for a church that is reasonably close to their home. Statistics indicate that individuals will most often choose websites, offering what they are looking for, from the first page that pulls up in that internet search.

Once the search results pull up, they will visit those church websites.  The visual appeal along with what they read, hear, and see on those websites, will determine which churches Family A will rule out without ever stepping foot in the door. From that list, Family A will also pick 2 or 3 that seem to be most like the kind of church they are looking for. Family A will usually attend a service at those churches and hopefully will like at least one of them enough to plant their family and get involved in that fellowship.  -Dave Berg

We offer 5-page start-up sites with the location, staff, about, new here, home page media rich presentations.  We use WordPress Themes that allow for great value and custom websites for as little as $499 for 5 pages.  Additional work is by the hour and we love to help Churches. Contact us for help.

Church Websites include:

  • About
  • Beliefs
  • Service Times/Maps
  • Ministries
  • Contact
  • Also, includes Facebook Church set-up
  • Basic SEO included
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Or tell us how you want it

Church Website Options you can choose:

  • Sermons
  • Giving Online/Donate
  • Notes & Outlines
  • Bookstore
  • Schedules/Calendar
  • Videos

Contact Keith our Paulette McKenzie

How can we help you?  We can build custom sites with your budget in mind.  Also, remember our basic sites all come with Basic SEO.  What good is it if nobody can find you.  We specialize in local SEO to get your Church found by people looking for a new Church.

See page themes for ideas:  

Risen – Church Demo Theme 

Exodus Church Theme Demo

Resurrect Church Theme Demo

Need more ideas?  50 plus Best Church Websites.  Most people start a site and never finish!  We can set up a clean professional site in just about a week after initial consult content is given to us.  Maybe you just want to freshen up that ole site you have.  Contact us to get some advice.

& More see Services Page  When you are Ready… First Step! Get Your Domain & Contact us with our contact form just above.  Look forward to talking to you soon.  Not sure what to do… No problem we can purchase a domain for you & get started today.

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