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Affordable Small Business Turnkey Websites

At ilovewhatido Media we offer a 5 page Turnkey website with 3 Social Media outlets for a very affordable price.  Today most of your new customers will find you via a google search.  Around 80%!  Whether you a Business, Church, Group or Professional you need to have a minimum online presence.  Contact us today to hear about our simple Turnkey process that is budget friendly.  We offer sites that are friendly to Desktop, Mobile Smart Phones & Tablets!

If your not on the internet then you are going to loose future business.  Don’t be a dinosaur!  -ilovewhatido

Think of your new site or renovated site as a business card on the internet.  Social Media is the key to keeping “New Content” about your brand or business out there with millions of other pages.  Our philosophy is simple.  We find like minded people and get you into the conversation and engaging.  This takes time!  There are no shortcuts.  We also provide training and advice for our clients.  Contact us to discuss the different options.  Pro Plans, Budget, Hosting, SEO Optimization & more.

Basic Websites include:

  • Website Domain Purchased
  • Website Hosting
  • 5 Web Pages
  • 3 Social Media Outlets
  • Basic SEO
  • Maps for Brick & Mortar Locations
  • Web Site Back ups.
  • Security Features: Firewall, Malware & Virus Scans

Full Website Design Services & Custom Site Builds:

  • Everything above and a whole lot more!
  • Advanced SEO (see our SEO Service Pack)
  • Coaching for our Social Stacking Strategy
  • Peer Reviews (great link building)
  • Web Master & Google Analytics
  • Custom Site Design, Menu Structure for Keywords
  • Maps, Event Calendars, Videos, Content Creation, Blog Setups
  • Online Store with Shopping Cart
  • Even MORE SOCIAL MEDIA outlets
  • Small or Large we can service your needs

Ever see those ads on build it yourself websites?  Website overnight and do it yourself with GoDaddy, Wix, Vista, Webly, Sitebuilder, websitebuilder.com, sitey, ehost, squarespace, webs, simplesite, sitelio, and others.  Well they get you in the door cheap!  Very few make anything they really like.  Nearly half of the sites we do are from someone who hates the site they built.  Not many features, hard to learn regardless of the claims.  We can help you.

Contact us to begin process
• Select a Domain Name (We can show you how)
• Select with us as this gives us a much broader way to grow you!
• Brainstorm 5 page ideas (What’s your competitor doing?)
• Select 3 Social Media Outlets (Not all are relevant to your target audience)
• We will do the rest and give you the keys or will keep it going!  IT’s up to you 🙂

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