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Ski Barn of Westborough:  Webdesign, Local SEO, Social Media & email marketing.

Working with our client we have a seasonal business of 6 months that begins in the fall with a full inventory of new ski & snowboard equipment, clothing, accessories and more.  Combining new site updates of content regularly we tease the beginning of the season with Social Media, eMail, and Black Friday events.  Closing out the season with sales and regular notifications has done wonders.

Social Media

We use Social Media to tease people to the client’s site.

While Social Media is not as quiet as effective as it once was.  Loyal fans still choose to ask lots of questions on these platforms.  So we set up Facebook Messenger and Brand everything we post from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google MyBusiness listings.

Email Marketing

Email is still the most essential part of our outreach.

Setting up and getting people to opt-in for your email marketing campaigns is a slow but steady way to get in front of those eyeballs.  Almost everyone reads email and when you deliver excellent content and information to get them into your store or on your website.  Nice!  We consistently are ahead of industry-standard opens and clicks.

Free Site Evaluation & Phone Call

You know you need some help.  It's what I love to do!  Few things are more gratifying than helping people business thrive in today's fast-paced and ever-changing digital marketplace.  Email us the following info below and we will get back to you typically in 48hours with some initial results and we can discuss our findings.  ilovewhatido Media is designed to maximize our professional licenses and savvy marketing experience to provide affordable professional website design.

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