Selecting A Search Marketing Firm with Web Design

ilovewhatido Media has combined forces with CrossCadence Digital Marketing.  This allows us to use more resources to leverage our talents to create the perfect online digital footprint.  A Veteran owned Company with 30 years combined of Search Engine Expertise in a constantly changing environment.  We constantly upgrade and are involved with MasterMind groups that help keep us and our clients ahead of the curve.  That’s an Advantage worth investing in.  We are Certified Digital Marketer and Google Partners.

We carefully select the clients we work with. Truth is MOST business owners don’t invest in a Digital Online Brand Effort!  Good news is those who do, we in most cases easily outclass the other competitors who are complacent about online media.  Our services work best with established businesses that are prepared to market their company and grow. Therefore, we have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Your company should:

(1) have a positive product or service and good reputation in your market;

(2) already be investing in or prepared to begin investing in marketing and advertising.

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Google Ranking Factors

There are over 200 factors that Google uses to rank your site.  Is your site mobile friendly, relevant, and user friendly?

What is SERP?

A Useful Overview:  What is SERP and why is it crucial to understand how your business is found on Search Engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Big or Small we can custom create your perfect online presence with our Digital Search Marketing (SEO) Services here. Free SEO Audit Here!

Marketing Choices

Our team has designed a Discovery Page to help us determine your Online Needs.  No obligation Form Submission at CC.