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Website audits should be done minimally on an annual basis or after doing major changes to your website.  It’s fast and it’s free.  Or just fill out the Contact Keith Form just below.

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Our Keys to Optimization

You can learn all these things or use us.

Our services from Webdesign, Optimization, and Hosting are the top three things that when done well give your website the best experience for Local Small Business Solutions.  While there are many factors Search Engines look at bringing the best technology has to offer.  We offer our professional licenses, hosting, and know how and pass these savings onto you.  This is a powerful opportunity for those who are serious about business.  We are your Local SEO Specialist.  Get a free site audit.

Minify CSS


Managed Wordpress

Server Speed

Off Page

Link Building

Page Speed

CDN Delivery

Combine Files

Minify Html

On Page





Mobile Friendly

Our Wordpress Hosting Advantage

Why Private Wordpress Hosting Servers are Best

Safe & Secure

Once your site is moved over to our servers, we will begin daily backups for easy restore features when you screw up, hacker-free security, malware scans and fixed for free if attacked.

CDN Configurable

Site speed is a key ranking factor and well just helps for making a great UX (user experience) for your end user.  Our Hosting Servers are cached at the server with the latest technology stack servers.  Then we tweak it and cache the pages to our super fast CDN!

Better Stats & Control

You can track your site visitor traffic, monitor your bandwidth and well, if you do a great job of marketing your site we will cover the bandwidth without getting weird about it.  This is hassle-free Wordpress Hosting done right.

Annual Report and Analytics Available

Every one of our websites is built and then linked to Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Console to allow for deeper access upon request.  Annual reports and monthly Google My Business are shared upon request and we can set you up to peek in on your accounts anytime you want.

Options!  We have lots of styles to choose from.

Here are just a few of the website options that you may want to choose from.  Go to our website option page.  Check out our wide range of options and industry related websites.  Or just simply show us a competitors website you like and we can put together a custom website.

Design Elements

Template Sites are Quick and Cost effective.

Corporate Landing

Need a Business Site that Looks Clean.

Local Business Specialist

Have a local business?  We focus on you.

Reach Us

Sometimes we go into the Batcave for awhile to whip up something in the lab.  Reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  Try our free Site Auditor at no cost and no obligation.  Not familiar with WordPress Design, see our Free Resource Section for tutorials.

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